How To Organize A History Research Paper In MLA Format

Your history teacher may ask you to compose a research paper in the MLA format. This isn’t an easy task but if you know what steps to take, you should be able to succeed. It’s important to structure your paper in a particular way and format it properly if you want to earn a high score for your work.

Structuring a History Research Paper

  1. Write an introduction.
  2. This is the part where you present your general topic and inform your reader about the exact questions that you’re going to answer in your paper. You should also present and explain the main key terms here so that the reader doesn’t get confused by anything later. A quick overview of the following chapters should be presented at the end of the introduction.

  3. Write a literature review.
  4. You should introduce the main sources that you’ve based your study upon and explain why you’ve decided to use these particular sources. You may also write briefly about the authors of these books and their achievements.

  5. Write a methodology description.
  6. To prove that your study is legitimate, you should describe in detail what methods you’ve used to achieve your results. This way, the reader will be able to replicate your actions and receive the same outcome.

  7. Write a discussion of results.
  8. Now, you need to present the actual results of your research and discuss their significance. Make sure to demonstrate the raw figures first. There is no sense in a discussion if the reader hasn’t learned about the exact results first.

  9. Write a conclusion.
  10. In this chapter, you shouldn’t introduce anything new but rather summarize everything said previously. It’s also advisable to suggest a few ways for the readers to continue your work.

  11. Write a bibliography.
  12. The last section is a list of all sources (books, articles, academic papers, etc.) that you’ve consulted during your study. It should be organized in an alphabetical order.

Applying the MLA Format

The MLA style requires a student to double-space the text of their paper and use a 12 pt. font (preferably Times New Roman). The margins on all sides of the document should be set to one inch. The first line of paragraphs should be indented using the Tab key. The page number should appear on all pages in the upper right corner.

Usually, the MLA format doesn’t require you to create a title page. You should just write your name, the name of your instructor, the course, and the date in the upper left corner of the first page.

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