10 General Rules Of Writing An APA Format Research Paper.

Some of the students that make up the growing school body who have courses to complete that relates to psychology will undoubtedly experience some level of difficulty due to their unfamiliarity with the coursework. Fortunately, there are several ways in which a student or academically interested individual can attain solutions for writing an APA format research paper. The list below will contain some of the most practical and effective rules that every student should follow in order to prepare a suitable APA paper with the least amount of stress. Please be guided accordingly and try to implement all the guidelines into your efforts the next time you are faced with such a task. Remember that practice is the key to the successful advancement through ones academic life.

  1. Make sure your title page has been structured correctly and be mindful to prepare it with all the necessary information it needs.
  2. All the entries should be in alphabetical order within your reference list.
  3. Be sure to know if your research paper is one that requires the need for one large section or several smaller ones.
  4. Prepare the abstract section of your paper and place it right after the title page.
  5. Have the details of your lab report available so that you can incorporate it into the main body of your paper.
  6. The abstract section of your paper should contain between one hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty words and no more.
  7. The title page should contain the opening statements, the title, any hypotheses you may have, the authors name and whatever school the paper originated from.
  8. In-text citing must also follow certain guidelines when being added to a paper such as this. The authors name must be written first followed by the date the book was published.
  9. There have been changes to the way in which reference pages are to be structured when the sixth edition of the style manual got published and issued. One now has to leave two spaces between each sentence instead of the original one space.
  10. The reference page and the in-text citations should both be placed within the reference section after you have decided on using them.

Although there are ways in which to expand on each and every rule that I have placed above, this list should guarantee the successful creation of an APA format research paper. Be sure to strictly adhere to these regulations for best results.

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