Compelling Research Paper Topics About College

When choosing compelling topics about college to write a research paper, you should take into account several things. College education is an interesting subject for a research, especially when you are a student. However, there are numerous themes on this subject to choose from. The following list of interesting topics will help with research paper you get oriented.

Compelling Research Paper Topics About College

  • Reasons why students become bullies.
  • In this topic you can talk about the importance of the individual approach to each student and determine the common reasons for bullying. Provide some suggestions and possible solutions of the problem.

  • Why students skip classes.
  • The theme is very highly discussed nowadays. Your task here is to determine the real reasons why students miss classes and what the possible solution could be. What measures should be taken to prevent such a problem?

  • The problem of high college dropouts.
  • You should make an analysis of the reasons for the huge number of college dropouts. Try to find out which social, personal and political issues cause high college dropout rates. What are your suggestions? Offer possible solutions for such a serious problem. Offer ways to increase college students’ awareness of the importance of education.

  • How to make the Internet and public libraries safer for college students.
  • Here you can talk about the effectiveness of filtering and restricted access.

  • Punctuality of college students.
  • Think about the problem of students’ punctuality. Why do college students almost never arrive on time? Is it a problem of society or upbringing? What are your suggestions?

  • The importance of sports education.
  • Concentrate on the common health issues of students due to the lack of sports activities. Offer possible solutions of this problem.

  • Usage of modern technologies.
  • Talk about the influence of modern technologies over studying process.

  • Free college education.
  • Talk about the possibility of free college education.

  • Should the current educational system be reformed?
  • Talk about your thoughts on this topic.

  • Does the commercialization of education influence society?

General Tips on Choosing the Right Topic

Research papers are very hard to write. You must show excellent writing skills as well as your level of education on chosen topic. Being a student you should choose a broad topic which is close to you. Try to choose interesting and highly discussed topics and offer your thoughts on the subject. It’s vital to choose a topic that can be easily researched and discussed. This is more than half the success.

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