Completing A Strong Research Paper On The JFK Assassination

To craft a strong research paper on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, you should turn into a scrupulous detective. You should explore any specific aspect of the crime, objectively analyze all related facts, and prove or refute any of the existing theories on the topic. It’s a unique opportunity not only to demonstrate your analytical skills but also to boast how logically and fluently you can get down your thoughts on paper.

Conducting Research and Creating the Topic on the JFK Assassination

John F. Kennedy was killed during a festive Dallas motorcade in 1963. The mystery of the JFK assassination hasn’t been solved by now, and there is a range of theories as to who, why, and how did the crime. Before you set about writing your paper, decide what specific theory you want to focus on. Therefore, investigate the subject from all possible sides and come up with your own narrow thesis statement. If you explore one aspect in depth, it’s more than likely that you’ll gain new insights on it.

Here are some theories you may want to focus on:

  • Prove that the president was murdered by one man without any additional assistance (Lee Oswald).
  • Argue against the previous idea and try to convince the reader that a lot more people are behind the crime (e.g. the CIA, the mafia).
  • Explore how the investigation of the crime was held and analyze whether it was objective or not.
  • Writing Your Research Paper

    • Briefly overview the JFK assassination in the introduction.
    • Describe the day of the crime in details, backing up your description with verifiable facts. By doing so, you’ll provide the necessary context for your paper and naturally lead your reader into your thesis.

    • Prove your specific viewpoint in the body.
    • Remember that you shouldn’t write about all at once. As long as you have one narrow thesis, focus on it only and don’t be tempted to share any unrelated facts or introduce new conceptual threads. Develop your argument thoroughly. Support each of your points with credible facts first and only then provide all possible interpretations and opinions.

    • Cite the sources consistently and correctly.
    • Check with your teacher what specific documentation style you should follow in your research paper. Pay particular attention to referencing the Internet sources since the majority of facts on the JFK assassination can be found on the Internet.

    • Conclude properly.
    • Summarize all of your arguments from the body and restate your thesis. Your conclusion should effectively convey your opinion on the topic of the JFK assassination.

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