What Does A Research Paper Thesis Look Like – A Complete Guide

Before someone can write a research paper, he must have the visual information on how exactly it is written. An outline or draft of the paper will guide the researcher to the specific parts or chapters to be written in this academic paper. This is of course followed by understanding the concepts and principles embedded in the paper which are very vital in coming up with a successful output. Students and first-time research writers may contact this service for assistance. The following information will give you the complete guide on what does a research paper look like:

  • It has a specific topic chosen and presented by the proponent
  • The title of the research paper is something that the writer has a great preference. He is challenged by a lot of information that he can lay down to come up with a lot of unique and beneficial ideas.

  • There is a vast amount of information and ideas that you can read
  • You will be able to know a lot of concepts and principles coming from different people around the world. Writers and authors are cited in the paper, including the work they have done in the past, which has something to do with the present topic being discussed by the proponent.

  • A thesis statement is stated in the paper
  • This very important sentence will tell you exactly what the author would like to believe as true. This is where he makes his position or stand on the issues being presented. He also prepares his arguments and rebuttals to make his claim strong and credible.

  • An outline of the paper will guide you on some very important parts of the research

A sample outline may exactly look like this:




In between these major parts are subtitles and subtopics, including minor parts that are relevant to the study. There will be organized notes that you can read This is where the author will make a careful analysis of all the data he has presented and summarize them in a logical and orderly manner. All relevant materials are sorted and digested to make the paper as comprehensive as possible.

The other three remaining components of a research paper are:

  • The first rough draft - This is the part where the author organizes all the ideas needed in the paper by arranging them in an orderly manner.
  • The revised outline and draft - This part contains the rewrite or the revisions made by the author on the first draft.
  • The final paper - This is the product or output to be submitted by the author or the proponent of the research. This guide will help you write a properly outlined research paper.

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