Free Tutorial On Writing A Research Paper On Free Space Optics

Quite an interesting topic, the search for faster, cheaper and better ways to transmit information has always been a goal of inventors and scientists alike. This technology, if it can be developed, is likely to change the way we access the internet and other information related services.

When writing a research paper, one must remember two things, be thorough and follow the rules. Being thorough may depend on your level of motivation while the rules, these can be found in most school texts. The following short points will provide you with a simple tutorial on writing a research paper on free space optics.

  1. Gather all the available information
  2. This is a brand new attempt at an old concept, it would be wise to gather all the information available on the subject before you begin devising a plan of research. This will help you to approach the matter from an informed position, paving the way for ground breaking discoveries to be made.

  3. Formulate a hypothesis and select a topic
  4. This is quite an interesting topic and is sure to have many unknowns. While the concept of transferring data through open space is not new, the idea itself has posed many problems in the past. This is prime ground for the formulation of important hypotheses since there is certain to be many technical problems in need of solving.

  5. Select your preferred research methods.
  6. One cannot simply devise a hypothesis and follow it up directly with a conclusion, data is very essential to this venture and you must devise effective, reliable means of gathering it. While your project may be original, there are many established methods that you could employ.

  7. Present you data in a suitable format
  8. Presentation is the key to creating a comprehensible paper, spend some time devising clever means of doing this. This can also help you and your readers better understand the information you present to them.

  9. Analyze your findings
  10. Proper analysis of data is essential for success and you must be careful to take measures to ensure you complete this phase of the project properly, it is all to easy to get facts mixed up with opinions, the best strategy to counter this is to have someone review your paper before you hand it in.

  11. Present your final conclusion
  12. Your paper should have a good ending and there is no better way to do this that to state exactly what the implications of your paper are.

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